Model: CX55B
Year: 2015
Serial number: NETN55334

Stock number:1119

3700 hours, 2 more extra buckets, new hydraulic thumb, rubber tracks, A/C, heat, quick attach
Model: 305.5E CR
Year: 2014
Serial number: CAT3055KKFKY02124

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Stock number:1153

2872 hours, enclosed cab, heater, air conditioner, 42 inch bucket, 24 inch dig bucket, hydraulic thumb, quick attach
Model: 314CLCR
Year: 2005
Serial number: OPCA00625

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Stock number:1145

Model: 225 D
Year: 2009
Serial number:

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Model: 135C
Year: 2004
Serial number: FF135CX300198

Stock number:1140

Nice 135c with blade, 36 in bucket with hyd dual link thumb, Operates very well, and job ready
Model: 35D
Year: 2008
Serial number: 237075

Stock number:914

4600 hrs, 16" dig bucket, JD hyd thumb, Q/C, Aux hyd, Quick attach, Q/C, heater A/C, short arm, Yanmar engine, 69" dozer blade,
Model: EX60-1
Year: Undefined
Serial number: 1071045T

Stock number:1127

Runs good, thumb available, priced before running through shop
Model: 150
Year: Undefined
Serial number: YMU2004

Stock number:1158

40 inch dig bucket, operating machine
Model: PC128UU
Year: 1997
Serial number: 1318

Stock number:693

30 in bucket, blade, hyd thumb, newer under carriage and final drives, cab and heat
Model: Pc138
Year: 2004
Serial number:

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Blade, hydraulic thumb, job ready, very nice machine
Model: PC120-6E
Year: Undefined
Serial number: 58671

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Stock number:1135

Working pc120-6, Less then 200 hrs on rails and sprockets with 28 in pads, 36 in dig bucket, Dual link hyd thumb, 10400 hours, Have not run thru shop
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