Model: 308E2 CR
Year: 2013
Serial number: TMX00467

Stock number:1267

2 buckets, hyd thumb
Model: EL200B
Year: Undefined
Serial number: 005729

Please Call
Stock number:1161

Model: 200CLC
Year: 2002
Serial number: FF200CX503128

Stock number:1332

48" bucket, 7900 hrs
Model: 135DX
Year: 2013
Serial number: 1FF135DXVCD303326

Stock number:1354

Nice overall condition. Hydraulic progressive link thumb. Front Blade. Auxiliary Hydraulics. Hydraulic Pin Grabber Quick Coupler. Cab/Air/Heat. Good undercarriage (90%), 7568 Hr., wide pads (28"), 2 buckets (36" dig, 60" smooth)
Model: 50G
Year: 2018
Serial number: 1FF050GXVJH287879

Stock number:1361

Quick Coupler, 24" bucket, front blade, cab with air/heat, aux hydraulics. 4082 hours. hyd thumb
Model: 230LC
Year: 1998
Serial number: FF0230X600210

Stock number:1337

dual link hyd thumb, dig bucket, 10K hrs, very good undercarriage, tight throughout, hard to find a nicer machine
Model: 892D-LC
Year: 1988
Serial number: 5983

Stock number:1328

Good under carriage, Hydraulic thumb, Starts and operates as it should
Model: EX135-5
Year: 1999
Serial number: 1EVP003407

Stock number:1350

1400 hours, Good Undercarriage, Steel Tracks with Removable Rubber Inserts, Front Blade, Will include New Amulet Hydraulic Thumb, 36" Dig Bucket, Cab with air/heat
Model: ZX135-3
Year: 2012
Serial number: HCM1R400J00088376

Stock number:1356

8100 Hours Cab with air/heat 80% undercarriage Hydraulic Thumb, Hydraulic front Blade, Aux. Hydraulics to the end of the stick, Pin Grabber, Quick Coupler
Model: ZX200LC
Year: 2002
Serial number: ARH310086

Please Call
Stock number:1312

Cab/air/heat, forestry cab guard, thumb, 42" dig bucket, hendrix pin grabber coupler, aux hyd, very good undercarriage
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