Used Equipment-Sweepers

Model: 830-II
Year: Undefined

Serial number: 3373

Stock number:1345

5600 miles, Ex county owned Waterless side brushes dust control for areas incompatible with water. Sweeping brush moves in and out, up and down to reach hard-to-access areas on either side of the Tennant street sweeper machine. A 91/2-ft. (2.89 m) high-dump allows discharge into large roll-off bins and dump trucks. Two high-volume vacuum fans draw dry dust through a large-capacity synthetic-singed polyester filter that effectively prevents dust exhaust. Centrally suspended main brush penetrates contours of any surface for thorough cleaning. Roomy, quiet cab with heater pressurized, quad mirrors and spring-suspension luxury seat ensure a comfortable ride. Stainless-steel hopper holds up to 3.4 cubic yds. (2.1 cubic m) of debris. Downtown obstacles and congestion pose no problem for the 830-II. Especially effective in cleaning industrial facilities with large amounts of fine dust. One button controls the sweeping functions. Ergonomic touch panel controls all other sweeping and debris dumping functions. Vacuum wand extends cleaning into hard-to-reach places. Spray nozzle helps dislodge packed debris for better pickup. Power, 4-wheel steering gives the machine impressive maneuverability to easily sweep around obstacles and corners.